Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heat Stroke Can Be Fatal To Your Dog

Never leave your dog locked in a car on a hot day.  Even with the windows rolled down a little, the temperatures can soar and cause heat stroke within minutes.  Heat stroke can be fatal to your dog if not treated promptly.  Please keep in mind that a dog's body is more susceptible to heat stroke, especially long haired, double fur, and short snouted dogs. 

Although Chicago's cold weather is Maxxamillions favorite time of the year, Summer is our family's favorite time of year because we get to spend a lot of time with him outdoors.  As many fun things as there are to do with our dogs outdoors, we must also take greater precautions with them on very hot days.

On very hot days, we're very careful not to take Maxxamillion on long walks.  We prefer to walk Maxxamillion in the early morning hours during the summertime so that he can enjoy his walks before the temperature starts to rise.  Also when we walk Maxxamillion in the park, we make sure we keep him hydrated by giving him water and on occasion, even soaking him to cool him off, which, by the way, he loves and which causes him to get frisky and wild every single time.

Maxxamillion loves his car rides with us, but if we are going to run errands to places he cannot go with us on very hot days, we prefer to leave Maxxamillion cool and comfortable at home. By following a few common safety tips, you and your furry child can enjoy the outdoors in the summertime.

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