Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today was Maxxamillion's last follow-up for his surgery. He got a clean bill of health as far as the surgery goes. We will monitor him for chances of a reoccurrence of the tumor. He will still be in recooperation for a while longer so his right leg could regain more strength. The picture above is in the back yard after we got back from his Vet appointment today. Maxxamillion has been I survivor since he was an 8 week old puppy. At the age of four a Vet told us he would not survive to be eight. He will be eleven on October 23, God willing. Making the decision to have the surgery was a very hard but well researched decision for us. We could not stand the fact that he was very uncomfortable with the tumor and that it was hampering his ability to climb stairs and getting in and out of the family car (really his). We are very fortunate to have a great Vet in doctor Michael, who has taken care of Maxxamillion for over five years now. Maxxamillion is a family member and putting him down was never an option for us. We will be posting more on the decisions we faced through the whole surgery ordeal.