Monday, October 23, 2006

It's My Birthday!
Hello every one today I'm 11 years old or 77 in dog years! I got this football pillow as one of my gifts. So I could watch Da Bears play.

Today is Maxxamillions 11'th birthday. It seems like yesterday that this beautiful loving puppy boy came into our lives. We can't imagine him not being in our lives and around the house. Maxxamillion's surgery a few months ago was a lesson on how to really appreciate your loved ones every moment, for tomorrow is not promised us! Today Maxxamillion was spoiled like always, we made him a special batch of his favorite low-cal oatmeal dog bisquits that we make for him. He got gifts and cards from friends and family. We got him a football shaped pillow and some stuffed toys. He loves the pillow a lot, as for the stuffed animals he did what he does to all stuffed animal toys, pull off the eyes. He continues to recooperate each day and we are very grateful to have him with us today. Happy Birthday Maxxamillion!!!! and many many more.
Love Mom & Pop.