Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maxxamillion's Favorite Dog Toys

Always beware when buying toys for your pets. All toys are not equal. Some pet toys may have loose parts which can cut your pet's mouth. The squeaky toys may have loose components that when chewed on may come out or fall off, which can cause choking or be swallowed and cause intestinal problems. A toy's eyes, nose or ears may come off and also be harmful and cause choking when swallowed.

Overall, most dog toys are easy to gauge for safety, but some can be deceiving so if you're not certain, read the toy's tag for any warnings and to learn about what the toy is made of. Also, if the toy's tag has very little information, make sure that the toy's material is not harmful to your pet(s).

You can also go on-line to read about any possible alert or warnings.

Joplin Adoption Event

ASPCA: The tornado that hit Joplin on May 22 left nearly 600 animals—Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, tiny kittens and more—without homes. These wonderful dogs and cats are counting on kind-hearted families to visit our adoption event at the Joplin Humane Society on June 25 and 26. Paw Here For Details ASPCA