Friday, June 26, 2009

Are All Puppies Sold In Pet Stores From Puppy Mills?

It’s estimated that 99 percent of puppies sold by pet stores come from puppy mills. “No reputable breeder would ever sell their puppies at a pet store. In fact, most breed clubs have a code of ethics prohibiting breeders from selling dogs to pet stores,” says Baker. “Furthermore, reputable breeders care about their puppies, and they would never stick them in a cage. They screen all potential buyers to make sure the puppy goes to a good home.” The ASPCA has been investigating puppy mills for years, helping to expose the realities of this deplorable industry, and thanks to our experts and detailed reports from our undercover puppy mill investigator, the new ASPCA Puppy Mill FAQ offers a greater insight into the notorious puppy trade. Paw here to see the new ASPCA's new Puppy Mill FAQ