Sunday, August 27, 2006

Maxxamillion went to Aurora, Illinois for a CT scan last Wednesday to determine if the cancer had spread beyond the tumor. After spending over four hours there, he came home but had a very difficult time coming completely out of the anesthesia. A few days later we received the best news that the cancer had not spread to his lungs or lymph nodes. Although there is no guarantee that the cancer will not return within a few months or a few years, we're so glad that he does not have to followup with 19 radiation treatments over a total of four weeks. We agreed with the veterinarian that at his age and weight it would have been very risky to put him through so many treatments (under anesthesia each time). Although many dogs have survived the same amount of treatments, we're so glad Maxx won't have to go through these treatments. For now he continues to recover and we will continue to post Maxx's progress as he gets better and stronger every day.