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Here we go again, The peanut butter recall across the country will now include pet foods and pet snacks. Some pet foods are said to have been infected as well and are being recalled, These include PetSmart Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits and 'Peanut Corporation of America or Parnell's Pride'.

Major national brands of jarred peanut butter are not affected by the PCA recall. PCA does not sell peanut butter directly to consumers. PCA only sells peanut butter to institutions and food manufacturers (some of which use it as an ingredient in other processed/packaged foods). Some food manufacturers use PCA peanut butter or peanut paste in baked or processed foods, such as crackers, cookies, cakes or ice cream to name a few. The FDA and food manufacturers are working to identify products that may be affected, and to track the ingredient supply chain of those products to facilitate their removal from the marketplace. FDA

List of recalls for Pet Food Products from Brand 'Grreat Choice'

List of recalls for Pet Food Products from Brand 'Peanut Corporation of America or Parnell's Pride'

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