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This past week Maxxamillion went for his third acupuncture treatment and his second underwater treadmill treatment. His prognosis has improved dramatically since he started his therapy. He was able to walk a lot more around the house and around the back yard. He was also able to walk into the clinic and to the therapy room. The problem is he does not want to get up after his acupuncture treatment. I used one of his favorite squeaky toys but that did not help much this time. He can be quite a character when he wants to be. When he doesn't want to get up he will intentionally throw himself to the floor, and at 133lbs. he makes it very hard for me to pick him up.
I have to say that I may have had a little doubt about the acupuncture treatment in the beginning, but after seeing Maxxamillion's improvement each day, it made a believer out of me.

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