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Love Maxxamillion!
ASPCA Awards More Than $200,000 to  Winning Shelters in ‘150 Days of Rescue’ Contest

My Warm Hat, I don't Need It,  But My Mom Said I had To Wear It.
Please Keep Your Pets Safe During -0 Weather.
The season change is upon us and this begins Maxxamillion's favorite time of the year, fall and winter.
Paw here to check out Maxxamillion: The Pink Nose Dog by D.D. Romaxx Link:
Being a long hair dog Maxxamillion is not a big fan of summer heat, but he never gets shaved. Instead we cut his hair shorter on the bottom part of his body. The ASPCA has A great article "Heat Wave! Should You Shave Your Pet?"Paw on link to read full article. Have a fun and safe summer with your furry friends. Love Maxxamillion
Maxxamillion staying cool on a hot day in Chicago.
This is a great article on the strain of dog flu effecting the Chicago Land. New Dog Flu Test from IDEXX Targets New Strain Paw Here for full story

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I'm a mixed golden lab with a great smile and a golden personality, from Chicago IL. I love walks in the park and traveling with my parents. Love Maxxamillion

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